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The Market

Thanks for supporting us!

We will be open Wednesday thru Sunday for Take-out only! 

Soups & Appetizers

Assorted Fried Seafood

Seafood Orders From the Steamer

Served with drawn butter & lemon

Broiled Seafood

Platters Include Cole Slaw and French Fries, Roll and Butter, Lemon & Drawn Butter
*No Substitutions•


Dressing: Honey Mustard | Russian | Bleu Cheese | Creamy Italian | Balsamic Vinaigrette

Additional Toppings (Blackened or Grilled):
Chicken $5.00 | Salmon $6.00 | Shrimp $8.00 | Crab (cold) $10.00

Cold Platters

Cole Slaw and French Fries, Roll & Butter


Choice of Red or White Sauce
Includes Salad & Garlic Bread

Family Specials

Broiled Combination

69.95 Value- Save $20!
All Combos $49.95
Includes roll and butter, lemon and drawn butter
Serves 3-4
French Fries / 1pt of Cole Slaw

Fried Platters

Includes Cole Slaw and French Fries, Roll and Butter, Cocktail and Tartar Sauce

For The Landlubber